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Our main dedicated server is with AltusHost in the Netherlands, we've never had any problem with them, the IP address range is clean and they accept Bitcoin even if only via Bitpay.


Linode are a cloud server provider, management of servers is extremely intuitive and you're charged by the minute so you can run server's for extremely short periods to compile things or test procedures. Servers start at $5.

  • Bitcoin NOT accepted


ZappieHost Servers start very cheap (about $4/mo) and have some interesting data-centre locations such as New Zealand, India and South Africa which is good for VPN options.

  • Bitcoin is accepted via CoinGate.
  • No control over rDNS but apparently it is configured properly for mail sending purposes.
  • Very old 2.6 kernels, not good for some applications such as Docker

Hosts we've used in the past

  • AbeloHost - data centres in Netherlands, good support, their IP range has a very bad reputation though, not good for email servers
  • Codero - excellent support, we just left because we didn't want US jurisdiction any more and also they don't accept crypto
  • WebGo24 - very competitive prices, but horrible support, seems a bit of a backyard job
  • Rackspace - reliable but expensive, their response to Spectre/Meltdown was.... nothing at all
  • eSecureData - good prices for real servers, but we found them too unreliable with many outages
  • VPSLink - good for virtual servers, but we prefer either real servers or cloud solutions, resource often drops down a lot in peak times
  • GoDaddy - ok, but too much of a supermarket for us
  • AmazonAWS - reliable and fast, very expensive, but Amazon

Providers that accept crypto to test out

Domain registrars that accept bitcoin

  • Namecheap - best for US and general TLDs, bitpay only
  • Gandi - best for european domains, includes .nz at a good price, bitpay only
  • EasyDNS - not bitpay

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