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Cow destruction
Version 5.0

After we got back from our 2016 holiday in New Zealand, we found that the land had been invaded by cows and they had completely destroyed our vege patch! So we took the opportunity to restarted a new one (version 5.0!) on the side of the hill in the field where there's much more sun. This one is much more organised and is divided into nine different beds each sign-posted with a letter so we can document what we do in each bed and when. This way we can experiment with different methodologies to see what best suits our situation here.

There are two lines on the northern fence side of the path and the original ones along the southern side of the path, the original ones either use just a plain letter such as G or can have the subscript of 1, e.g. G1. If we create further lines more southward they'll have sibscripts of 2,3,4 etc the more south they go. The line on the northern (fence) side of the path have the subscript of zero, e.g. G0. And also we've started planting things right along the fence, so we'll refer to these with the subscript of f, e.g. Gf.

Bed A

September 2016
  • 2017/10/10 (A1): Thick mulch, Potato, Brown bean

Bed B

September 2016
September 2016

Bed C

September 2016
September 2016
  • 2017/10/20 (C0): Black beans, Big Sunflower (spread)
  • 2017/10/20 (C1): Brown beans, Big Sunflower, Pumpkin

Bed D

September 2016
  • 2017/10/20 (D0): Black beans, Big Sunflower (spread)
  • 2017/10/20 (D1): Brown beans, Big Sunflower, Pumpkin

Bed E

September 2016
November 2017 - Potatoes directly in mulch
  • 2017/10/10 (E0): Black beans, Big Sunflower (spread)
  • 2017/10/10 (E1): Thick mulch, Potatoes

Bed F

September 2016
  • October 2017 (F0): Black beans, Big Sunflower (spread)

Bed G

September 2016
November 2017
  • 2017/10/17 (G1): Mulch, parsnip seeds, beans
  • 2017/10/20 (G0): Black beans, Big Sunflower (spread)

Bed H

September 2016
  • 2017/10/17 (H1): Mulch, radish, beans

Bed I

September 2016
  • 2017/10/17 (I1): Mulch, parsnip, beans (@end), 2 yam


  • 2017/10/20 (Bf-Gf): mucuna, mamona, bl.bean


The second mulberry (a group of three or four trees) has a mulch bed below it

  • 2017/10/20: Brown beans, Big sunflower, Pumpkin


  • 2017/10/10: (North) Cucumber, Green bean. (South) Corgette, Coriander
  • 2017/10/17: (North) Tumeric. (South) Yam


  • 2017/10/17: Ginder


  • 2017/10/17: Garlic


  • 2017/10/17: Tumeric


  • 2017/10/17: Yam

Banhado (next to field entrance)

  • 2017/10/17: 5 yam

Banhado (next to net)

  • 2017/10/17: 5 yam, 3 tumeric

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