De Organic Design

Pharo success stories

Dr. Geo is a winning award interactive geometry software for Linux, XO laptop, Windows and Mac OS X. Written entirely in Pharo Smalltalk, Dr. Geo allows one to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints.

  • Issys Tracking

Web-based application for Seros, a large social organization/health insurance in Argentina. Issys Tracking is a workflow platform to support authorization procedures for the medical practice. The system serves up to 1000 concurrent users. Key for the project's success is the flexible and agile Pharo platform and development environment.

  • Inceptive – ERP Application

Flanders' most renown cultural centre, Vooruit, hired Inceptive to develop a custom event planning and resource management system. This ERP solution is a suite of feature-rich tools, such as a highly interactive calendar, event structure visualizations, graphical event-resource allocation, detailed event scheduling, resource & contact management, conflict resolution, and reporting & invoicing.

Aida/Web is a web framework and application server for building complex websites and ajaxified web applications the REST and MVC way.

Arduino Software is a small but experienced software company based in Argentina. WebPostAutomation is one of their latest projects.

The mobile Wiki server is a fully functional Wiki hosted on your iPhone, or iPod touch. Desktop version also exists. Based on Pier and Sophie

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