Space & Time

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Space and time are intimately linked by the fact that all communication of information from one position in space to another takes time, in fact time is the preferred dimension in which to talk about distance! This is true in every day life too; when we're talking about travelling from A to B, it's how long it will take that we're really concerned with, not how far.

The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics

The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics successfully predicted the mass of the top quark before it was reported and correctly predicted the acceleration of the expansion of the universe before it was observed. It correctly predicts the behaviour of free electrons in superfluid helium and further predicts the existence of new states of hydrogen that are lower in energy than the n = 1 state that represents a new energy source and a new field of chemistry that has far reaching technological implications in power generation, materials, lighting, and lasers. The existence of such states has been confirmed by the data presented in 96 published journal articles and over 50 independent test reports and articles.

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