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It's becoming more and more critical in recent months that I get up to speed with a decent JavaScript framework that supports Single Page Applications. I've built a few simple SPA's before one without a framework, and the others using Backbone. Backbone is getting a bit dated now, and I need to build an SPA that is considerably more complicated than those I've made before.

After a lot of looking around I've settled on the Vue2 framework which is similar to React but has a simpler learning curve (it's practically as simple as jQuery to get started with by just including the script and writing code, or the next step, building with the simple template) while also scaling very well - in fact in virtually all tests it's shown to be faster and more scalable than React. Another popular option is AngularJS which shares a lot of similarities with Vue - both React and Angular have served as strong inspiration for the development of Vue. As is the case for React, Angular has a steep learning curve which is one of the main reasons for me to prefer Vue - I like the idea of an efficient minimalist system that is very easy to get started with and yet also very scalable. Angular is also very "opinionated" which means that it dictates a lot about the way you should structure you're application. Vue is much more flexible, but also offers the Webpack template if you want an entire tool-chain and structure predefined for you. Angular2 is much more efficient, but Vue still beats it, and in terms of size, Vue's 23KB is hard to beat (actually it is beatable though - RiotJS is only 10KB, but I feel that the massive efficiency gains of Vue are worth the extra few KB).


  • It may be good to use Weex templates for cross-platform native rendering
  • "Vue has a clearer separation between directives and components. Directives are meant to encapsulate DOM manipulations only, while components are self-contained units that have their own view and data logic. In Angular, there’s a lot of confusion between the two."

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